I’ve been postponing writing about this topic due to the fact that I am also as baffled as everyone else. People have been asking me about soulmates. I’m sick of it. What do I know? I’m just an artist. I have no definite answer on questions like ‘Are all soulmates or soul connections meant to be together?’ Who knows? I did some research about souls though, from a source that I’ve been into for few years now– the Kabbalah which is a knowledge based on Torah. This is basically teachings that goes way back during Moses time. Imagine, this knowledge sprung from the time when God spoke directly to men. Anyway, just google it, there’s plenty of resources out there. I began learning about this few years ago and this was my introduction to Spirituality and how my relationship with the Universe began. Down below are the excerpts that I gathered through my research from the Zohar. Important Note: I am not trying to tell you how to live your life. I am just sharing to you what I have researched. What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.

Now, when it comes to ‘meant to be together,’ what do you mean? You mean, romantically? You mean marriage? I don’t know. How am I supposed to have an answer to that question. Maybe people choose whoever they want to be with. No one is forced unless you live in some cultures that forces arranged marriage, of course that is a completely different story. I have no definite answer. Meant to be, meaning destined to be together? I really don’t know the answer. To me, ‘Meant to be’ is when two people want to be together and happily building a life together. I’ve seen married couple with five children who barely speak to one another. I know them personally, by the way. They live in the same roof but they don’t have a ‘real relationship.’ The husband has three different social dating app on his phone. He leaves at seven in the morning and comes home at ten. His wife looks like a whale for over eating due to, you guess it– sadness. They avoid one another but they have children together so they put up a face. The wife got pregnant with their youngest child and she didn’t even tell her husband that she was pregnant. It wasn’t obvious because she’s fat. On the day of the delivery, she brought herself to the hospital, delivered the child alone then called her husband just to pay the hospital bill. Imagine the husband’s face when he learned that. Hilarious. I am not joking. This is a real story. What’s more funny is that the husband still thinks that he’s youngest child is not his. So where’s ‘meant to be’ in that? Do you seriously think that these two people are meant to be? I guess not. How did they end up together? I was told that the husband wanted to marry another girl but his father chose the wife instead. So… I guess, they are ‘meant to be’ according to the father.

Where does free will fall into this madness? I don’t know. You tell me. I’m not an expert. I read the bible and what I noticed is that, since the beginning of time, people always think and assume they have freewill until they don’t. One thing that I see is that freewill is NOT FREE. It has a cost. And problem arise when people use their freewill to twist God’s freewill. That’s when things gets really messed up. Some people end up in a Psych ward or in some Alcoholic Anonymous Club. This is the very reason I rarely use my freewill. I’m scared. Of God. I just go with the flow. Freewill is not free. It has a cost. I look around and I see people paying for the cost of using their freewill for a lifetime. This is why I am scared. I am careful. Always always careful.

Anyway, speaking of marriage and partnerships, we will have a retrograde on October 13. You know the drill. Check out your natal chart to see where this retrograde will land as it’s gonna be different for everyone. Mine will happen in my 7th house (Marriage and partnerships), in the sign of Scorpio (Sex and Shared Resources). I do have Ceres (nourishment) and Jupiter (luck and expansion) conjunct Pluto (Sex, power) in there, sitting close to my 6th house (routine and health). Keywords: Everyday Sex, Many Sex, Big Sex, Routine Sex, Mind blowing tantric sex, divine sex, Divine union through sex, Healing through sex, Receiving and Giving nourishment through sex, healthy sex, sex for health. WHY NOT? Would love that. If you are going to do something so sacred, then why not do it every single day, right? Anyway, pretty interesting, huh? I have the planet of luck and expansion in the house of sex and marriage.

I consulted an astrologer for this placement because I was curious. Apparently, this aspect indicates huge wealth. This is an aspect of a BILLIONAIRE. Warren Buffet has this. Bill Gates has this. I was told that this placement is not common. Only few people have this in the world. But there is a BIG BUT in my own placement. Since this placement is in my 7th house, this energy of good luck and good fortune can only be accessed once I get married. And being in the 7th house, means I will marry a Billionaire or my husband will become a billionaire. It’s an indicator– Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck plus Ceres. That means that whatever sexual energies I share (Scorpio) with my husband (7th house) is very healing, nurturing (Ceres) and expanding (Jupiter) for both (7th house, partnerships) of us. The keyword of this is ‘Marriage’ (7th House). I have to be married first before I can access this energy. This is probably the reason why I haven’t been ‘lucky’ yet because I am still single. Some people got their luck through their family, career, talents etc. Mine, my luck will come from once I get married. It is also safe to say that it is not my loss if someone leaves me me. I’m good as I’m protected by the Divine (Jupiter). Also, I don’t have a sex life and I don’t do casual sex as I am Divinely protected (Jupiter). God won’t allow me to just give away my precious God given energy to just anyone. Whoever He chose for me, is someone that is chosen, fated and destined…

As my husband has a BIG (Jupiter) role to play for Humanity. He’s chosen. Not me. I am just the woman behind the man. I am just the reward from God (Jupiter) for him. It’s fine. I knew my life would be this way and I have already accepted my fate long before I was born.

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